Alliance of Service Providers

Alliance of Service Providers

The Alliance of Service Providers (ASP) is comprised of service providers from Humboldt, Lake, Del Norte and Mendocino counties. We discuss and review both state and local issues that impact service providers and those who use their services as well as providing members with a voice on the Redwood Coast Developmental Services Corporation Board of Directors for the Redwood Coast Regional Center (RCRC).

The ASP designates one member to chair and serve as a voting member of the regional center Board. The chair summarizes the ASP meeting at the RCRC board meetings and serves as a representative of the service provider community as a whole to provide advice, recommendations, guidance, and technical assistance to the RCRC Board.

The group meets in person, via phone and/ or teleconference from the regional center's local offices 6 times a year, generally 7-10 days prior to board meetings. All RCRC service providers are welcome.

2018-2019 ASP Meeting Schedule

ASP Meeting Minutes September 12, 2018

ASP Meeting Minutes July 11, 2018

ASP Meeting Minutes May 2, 2018

ASP Meeting Minutes March 14, 2018

ASP Meeting Minutes January 3, 2018

ASP Meeting Minutes October 23, 2017

ASP Meeting Minutes July 12, 2017

ASP Meeting Minutes March 22, 2017

ASP Meeting Minutes January 4, 2017

ASP Meeting Minutes October 31, 2016

ASP Meeting Minutes September 14, 2016

ASP Meeting Minutes July 11, 2016

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