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Resource materials for Redwood Coast Regional Center's (RCRC) service providers, families and self-advocates are available through RCRC's Clinical and Community Services Department. Below are links to electronic documents in .pdf format, as well as links to additional printed materials available, which may be accessed through RCRC's Eureka and Ukiah resource libraries. Resources from the libraries may be borrowed 4-county wide. If you reside outside of the Eureka or Ukiah area it may be arranged to have the item picked up at the RCRC office closest to your locale (Del Norte, Fort Bragg, or Lakeport). For further information about any of these resources please contact Leah Thompson, CPP Resource Coordinator via email at or phone (707) 445-0893, ext.321, and she will direct you to the appropriate contact in your area.

Electronic Resources:

David Hingsburger, M.ED

RCRC hosted a training presented by David Hingsburger M.ED, in May 2014, regarding abuse prevention and "counterfeit deviance." The following tools/documents were presented by Mr. Hingsburger during the training sessions.

1) These documents provide an example of pledges to be upheld by both service providers and self-advocates.

Pledge of Service

Pledge of Personal Power

2) This booklet will help you learn how individuals like to be supported by outlining how to communicate respect and caring with all our interactions. The information contained in the booklet will help you learn how this person likes to be supported, as well as the kind of approaches that the person does not like and finds upsetting or even abusive.

Abuse Prevention Training Package- Respect

3) This booklet outlines the process for daily training regarding abuse prevention. By teaching routines and by acknowledging how someone communicates we can structure our service in a way that allows individuals to learn how it feels when they are touched and supported in a respectful manner.

Abuse Prevention Training Package- Boundries

4) This article offers a history and overview of the concept Counterfeit Deviance, coined by Hingsburger, Griffiths and Quinsey in 1991.

Counterfeit Deviance Revisited

The following electronic resources are available upon request; please contact Leah Thompson for further information:

1) Abuse Prevention Training "No How." Teach people with disabilities a variety of safety skills. It is a curriculum package that reminds individuals about the power of 'NO'.

2) Abuse Prevention: 3 Classes, One Day For People With Significant Disabilities. This curriculum provides education about respect, communication, and boundries for individuals with significant disabilities. This curriculum should be used in addition to agency abuse prevention protocols.

3) Talk SC. This is a tool for the assesment of the levels of knowledge regarding sexuality and consent.


Blumberg, E.R. & Hurley, E. (2007) Enhancing Early Intervention for Parents of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Information, Strategies, and Resources. New Brunswick, NJ: The Elizabeth M Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities.

This workbook was created as a teaching tool for parents and professionals to enhance the support of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The book describes the complex and varied influence of Autism on the thinking, feeling, and behavior of young children. Descriptions of evidence based practices in Early Intervention are provided along with uesful resources.


Far Northern Regional Center:

This guide is for adults..By teaching routines and by acknowledging how someone communicates we can then structure our service in a way that allows individuals to learn how it feels when they are supported in a respectful manner. Far Northern Regional Center published this resource as part of the Abuse Free prevention campaign in October 2006.

Guidelines for My Personal Care

The links below list the additional printed resources available from RCRC's Humboldt and Mendocino County resource libraries:

Resource Library Humboldt County (Coming Soon)

Resource Library Mendocino County (Coming Soon)



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