The e-Billing system will now provide a portal, for RCRC service providers, for invoicing and payment processing. With the e-Billing system, service providers are able to electronically update and submit their monthly turn around invoicing and attendance to RCRC. Electronic payment and billing history for the past 18 months can be viewed via the e-Billing system. Service providers can access this secure e-Billing portal from any computer with an Internet connection.

To view our Frequently Asked Questions about the e-Billing secure web portal, please click here.

Service Providers will need to complete an Enrollment Application for the e-Billing and Payment system. The Enrollment Application is in .pdf format, please click here.

RCRC has provided instructions to the new e-Billing system. For the instructions in .pdf file format, please click here.

Our Quick User Guide helps new users navigate through the e-Billing secure web portal so they can get to their invoice. To view this guide, please click here.

Instructions on completing the purchase calendar, please click here.

To ENTER the RCRC e-Billing portal, please click here

For your convenience we have put together a schedule of when invoices are due and when EFT Deposits should be available.

To have payments directly deposited you will need to complete our Direct Deposit (EFT) Enrollment Form. The form is in .pdf format, please click here.

Our billing adjustment procedures have changed. To view the new policy, please click here.

The RCRC Billing Adjustment Form.

The Parent Verification Form Guidelines.

Complete the E-Billing Administrator Enrollment form to assign a new Administrator for your e-Billing account, please click here.

Receive documents quicker. To have your Authorization to Purchase Services and Remittance Advices (check stubs, for direct deposit only) emailed, please click here.

The Department of Developmental Services has provided the following (5) training videos on the e-Billing system for those vendors new to the system:

Part 1 of 5, click here

Part 2 of 5, click here

Part 3 of 5, click here

Part 4 of 5, click here

Part 5 of 5, click here

e-Billing Newsletters:

December Edition, 2017

November Edition, 2017

October Edition, 2017

September Edition, 2017

August Edition, 2017

July Edition, 2017

June Edition, 2017

May Edition, 2017

April Edition, 2017

March Edition, 2017

February Edition, 2017

January Edition, 2017




















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