Security & Security Breach

If you are a service provider of Redwood Coast Regional Center and sensitive/confidential information was stolen, you must submit the Security Breach Report to Redwood Coast Regional Center. To open Report Form SIMM 65C, please click here.

You are required to inform each person who may have been affected by the breach. Some sample letters are available for you to consider. To open several examples, please click here.

Best Practices for Protecting Confidential, Sensitive, and Personal Information: All service providers should review the Community Operations Division Program Advisory from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) regarding best practices for protecting confidential, sensitive, and personal information, regardless of format (i.e.- electronic or paper). To open the Program Advisory, please click here.

Additionally, we are posting several helpful documents that were presented by the DDS Security Officers to our communities: Information Security and Privacy- WHAT are the Guidelines? HOW is it to be done? WHY is it to be done? To open the Security Training presentation, please click here.

For the California Office of Privacy Protection Recommendations, please click here, and for the Recommended Best Practices for Keeping Confidential Information Secure, please click here. And finally, for the Data Security Overview, please click here.

If you have any questions please contact a Community Resource Manager for Humboldt/Del Norte Counties : 707-445-0893 or Lake Mendocino Counties : 707-462-3832. You may also contact Kim Nash, Director of Clinical and Community Services Departments at 707-445-0893, ext.343

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