SIR Guidelines

All Regional Center Vendors and Long Term Care Facilities serving Regional Center consumers are required under the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Division 2, Chapter 3 - Community Services, Subchapter 2 - Vendorization, Article 2 - Vendorization Process, section 54327 to report Special Incidents involving consumers to the Regional Center.{hyperlink to DDS website, title 17,section 54327}In addition to reporting requirements outlined in Title 17, the Regional Center also has specific reporting requirements for vendors for other types of Special Incidents not listed in regulations.

Special Incident Report (SIR)Training Materials: SIR training documents not available on this website can be obtained from via e-mail to Cindy Gillam-Sullivan, Manager of Special Programs who can also be contacted at (707) 445-0893, or Community Resource Managers with the Redwood Coast Regional Center.

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