Applying for Services

Any resident of Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake or Mendocino County who is interested in receiving services from Redwood Coast Regional Center (RCRC) may call the local RCRC office and ask for information about eligibility for services. The receptionist will connect the caller to the most appropriate Intake Specialist. Formal application must be made by an adult applicant, parent, conservator or guardian. Community members and service providers may request services for another person if they have permission from the potential applicant to do so.

Once connected with the Intake Specialist, an initial interview will take place within 15 working days with the referred individual and their parent or legal representative, as applicable. At that time, the Intake Specialist will provide you with information about the Redwood Coast Regional Center and community resources, obtain written authorization to receive all available developmental assessments, medical and school records, and begin developing a psychosocial assessment of your unique history and situation. If necessary, the Intake Specialist will arrange for further diagnostic assessments to be completed by one or more of the RCRC's contracted specialists.

Within 120 days the initial intake (45 days for the Early Start Program or 60 days for the Prevention Program) all of the information secured during the intake process will be used to determine eligibility for regional center services. This process of eligibility determination is accomplished through a Multi-Disciplinary Team comprised of at least one physician, psychologist, and social worker. There is no charge for the diagnosis and eligibility assessment.

If determined eligible for regional center services, you will be assigned to a Service Coordinator who, through a person-centered planning process, will assist you in developing and implementing an Individualized Program Plan for services. For individuals, 36 months of age or older, this plan is known as the Individual Program Plan (IPP). For infants and toddlers, under 36 months of age and who are eligible for the Early Start (ES) Program, the plan is known as an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).  For infants and toddlers, under 36 months of age and who are eligible for the Prevention Program (PP), this plan is known as the Prevention Program Plan (PPP).

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