This committee is comprised of a group of clients that provide information and feedback to the Board of Directors from a client’s perspective. The CAC shall consist of up to twenty-five members appointed by the Board of Directors and representative of the various categories of disability. The CAC works to provide information and feedback to the Board from a client perspective.

Committee Members

  • Will Lewis, Chair
  • Bill Lacy
  • Dave Matson
  • Keith Peeples

2021-2022 CAC Meeting Schedule

September 9, 2021 Meeting Announcement and Agenda

People First

People First members are self-advocates. Self-advocates help each other and speak up for themselves. They meet new friends and have fun. They sponsor educational as well as recreational activities. Also, People First members keep in contact with state and congressional representatives, local agencies, and community leaders to learn more about advocacy issues and learn how they can contribute to the community.

People First members are just that—They are PEOPLE first. Their disabilities come second!

Most chapters have a business meeting once a month. They also participate in regional and national legislative hearings and conferences. RCRC’s adult clients are welcome to visit the meetings to see if they are interested in becoming members.

People First of California – Region 1: Chapters in Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino Counties

People First of California