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List of Management Team Members

Amy Medina Director of Administration Ukiah
Amy Soto Client Services Manager, Adult Unit Ukiah
Christina Myers POS Manager Ukiah
Cindy Gillam Sullivan Special Programs Mgr. Eureka
Debbie West Client Services Manager, Early Childhood Unit Crescent City
Dwayne Nelson Client Services Manager, Children’s Unit Ukiah
Dr. Jacinthe Roy Director of Clinical Services Eureka
Jennifer Finigan Client Services Manager Crescent City
Julian Markussen Client Services Manager, Enhanced Services Crescent City
Jonathan Padilla Director of Community Services Ukiah
Karen Elliott Client Services Manager, Children’s Unit Eureka
Dr. Kim Smalley Executive Director Eureka
Kimberly Johnson Office Operations Manager – Humboldt/Del Norte Eureka
Krisy Fletcher Client Services Manager Lakeport
Mary Block Director of Client Services Eureka
Michele McFall Office Operations Manager – Lake/Mendocino Ukiah
Nichole Haydon Director of Human Resources Ukiah
Sarah Costa Client Services Mangaer-Early Childhood Unit Ukiah
Sierra Braggs CMS Waiver/Employment Specialist Manager-Humboldt/Del Norte Eureka