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Application Overview

The eBilling System provides a more effective process for RCRC to manage service providers’ invoice and payment processing. With the implementation of eBilling, service providers will be able to electronically update and submit their monthly turnaround invoice and attendance to RCRC online.

Additionally, all service providers will be able to view electronic payment and billing history.

RCRC’s Accounting Department is to be notified within 24 hours if the service provider’s Vendor Administrator is voluntarily or involuntarily terminated from employment.

Provider/Vendor eBilling link

Billing and Payment Schedule FY 2023-24

SDP Payment Schedule Fiscal Year 2022-23

Application Access

A valid User ID and password are required to access the eBilling System. Each user is assigned a role. Each role gives the assigned user a specific set of system privileges, these roles are described in the training materials listed on this page.

How to enroll?

  • Download the Enrollment Form
  • One Enrollment Form for each Service Provider’s number
  • Complete and submit the original form to RCRC, Attention: XXXX

Please allow at least 30 days before you can begin using the eBilling application.

E-BILLING ENROLLMENT FORM, formulario en espanol

Additional forms

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, formulario en espanol

Admin Enrollment Form, formulario en espanol

Emailing Document Enrollment, formulario en espanol

Training Materials

Basics for All Users

This presentation covers accessing the new eBilling system, site navigation, and viewing reports.

eBilling Basics

Vendor Administrator

This presentation is for the designated Vendor Administrator. The presentation covers managing your local users of the new eBilling system, such as creating new user profiles, assigning roles and vendor numbers to users, etc.

Vendor Administrator


This presentation covers Invoicing processes using various calendar types, as well as viewing Invoice History and Payment History.


Attendance & DS1964

This presentation covers submitting the DS1964 spreadsheet (Billing Form for Habilitation services) and Electronic Attendance spreadsheet through the NEW eBilling system.

Attendance & DS1964