Please check here for timely announcements specific to RCRC service providers:

Minimum Wage Rate Adjustments Due by March 1, 2022

The State of California minimum wage increased on January 1, 2022 to $15.00 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees and $14.00 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees. The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has been allocated additional funds by the Legislature for dissemination to service providers to meet the increased minimum wage mandate. These funds are solely to meet service providers’ cost to increase employee/staff wages to $15.00 per hour or $14.00 per hour based on the number of employees and the associated mandated costs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare and workers’ compensation).


For more details see DDS Directive Dated December 17, 2021


Negotiated Rate Vendors


Service providers with negotiated rates (including median rates) need to complete the Redwood Coast Regional Center (RCRC) Minimum Wage 2022 Adjustment Workbook and submit to RCRC at: no later than March 1, 2022. Requests received after this date will not be considered.


If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate Community Resource Manager for your area:


Del Norte: Jerry Freitas 707464-7488, x 412 or

Humboldt: Jessica Moulton-Hadley, 707-445-0893, x323 or

Lake: Heath Birilli, 707-462-3832 x267 or

Mendocino: Sheila Keys, 707-462-3832, x254 or



Guidance from the Department of Public Health regarding how an individual can demonstrate/obtain proof of vaccination is available here:


Dear RCRC Vendors and Contractors,

On Wednesday, 9/28/2021, California’s Public Health Officer issued a Public Health Order (PHO) available here:

The State Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has additionally issued further guidance regarding this PHO available here:

The PHO requires full vaccination by November 30, 2021 for all regional center employees and service provider workers, who provide services to a client through the network of Regional Centers serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, except for those workers who only provide services to a recipient with whom they live or who are a family member of the recipient for whom they provide services.

Full vaccination is defined as one dose of a one-dose vaccine (i.e. J&J/Jansen), or both doses of a two-dose vaccine (e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna).

The PHO allows for exemptions based on religious beliefs and qualified medical reasons. Should an exemption be granted, that worker must be tested for COVID-19 once per week and wear at least a surgical mask. The worker’s employer must retain record of the exemption and each worker’s test results.

Please review both the PHO and the DDS Guidance for further details. RCRC wishes to partner with you as we both work to implement these new requirements and ask that you reach out to your Community Resource Manager (CRM) and/or myself (707-462-3832 x289 | with any issues or concerns. We want to hear from you.

CRM contact information is included below.


Jonathan Padilla
Director of Community Services                                                            Redwood Coast Regional Center                                                               707-462-3832 x289 |


Del Norte County
Jerry Freitas
707-464-7488 Ext. 12
• All Services
• Del Norte and Humboldt Counties: Early Start Services

Humboldt County
Jessica Moulton-Hadley
707-445-0893 Ext. 323
• All Services (except Early Start)
• All Counties: Family Home Agency Services

Lake County
Heath Birilli
707-462-3832 Ext. 267
• Lake County: Licensed Residential Services, Adult Day Services, Respite, Transportation, Supported Living, Work/Employment Services, Schools, Recreation and Leisure, Independent Living.
• Lake and Mendocino Counties: Early Start Services

Mendocino County
Sheila Keys
707-462-3832 Ext. 254
• Mendocino County: Licensed Residential Services, Adult Day Services, Respite, Transportation, Supported Living Services, Independent Living Services, Work/Employment Services, Schools, Recreation and Leisure.
• Lake and Mendocino Counties: Behavior Support Services, Clinical Services, and Money Management.
• All Counties: Self Determination