Realizing Interdependence Success & Empowerment (RISE) is a group of self-advocates who make decisions about what would help people with developmental disabilities at Redwood Coast Regional Center.  RISE Client Leadership Team is seeking proposals for projects to support self-advocacy such as but not limited to:

  • Peer coaching
    • Groups (peer support groups)
      • Theatre troupe (skits for change – videos)
    • 1-on-1
    • Client-led workshops for Direct Support Professionals, RCRC, and others
    • Client-led Quality Assurance activities (inspecting licensed homes)
      • Quality Assurance tool / using RISE  to develop Quality Assurance tools
    • Community-building activities by advocates for everyone
      • May include establishing/restarting People First chapters
      • Includes funds for community event costs in each county
    • May include local and state advocacy
    • May include interpersonal and sexual self-advocacy

All projects need to be accessible to the people who come (and to everyone whenever possible).  Many of these projects will require support to accomplish (people will be paid to help self-advocates make them happen). Funds are for helping people (RCRC clients) have good lives in the community, like being safe and having real choices. Self-advocacy is an important way to do this! Self-advocacy is broad, and includes learning about and being supported to have choices in all areas of life.  The purpose of the project is to develop a service to support self-advocacy in Del Norte, Lake, Humboldt and/or Mendocino Counties.

All interested parties are required to schedule a presentation about their proposed project with the RCRC RISE Client Leadership Team.  All presentations scheduled by the deadline (3/31/2023) will be reviewed by a team of RISE Client Leadership evaluators.  In the event that more than four (4) presentations are scheduled, additional dates will be decided by the RISE Client Leadership team.




5/31/23 Submit request to schedule presentation and supporting information (below) via email to


Presentations MUST include the following items:

  • Identify what elements of the self-advocacy project you will be providing
  • Will your service be one time funding or will you develop a service that may continue beyond the grant funding through an RCRC vendorization
  • Identify where services will be provided (Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and/or Mendocino Counties).
  • Amount of funds requested for each fiscal year
  • Timeline for the project
  • Equity and Diversity: A statement outlining the applicant’s plan to serve diverse populations, including, culturally and linguistically diverse populations; examples of the applicant’s commitment to addressing the needs of those diverse populations; and any additional information that the applicant deems relevant to issues of equity and diversity.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy for Client Abuse and Neglect: A statement that describes the steps the applicant will take to ensure client safety and to reduce the risk of individuals supported from being abused.



 Presentation including Questions & Answer to RISE Client Leadership Team



6/30/23 RFP Awarded

Links to the formal Request for Proposals (RFP) is here:

Before beginning work the RFP or if there are any questions regarding this RFP, it is strongly recommended that interested parties contact the Client Advocate for their area:

Lake & Mendocino Counties: 

Alex Bland 707-462-3832 ext. 280


Humboldt & Del Norte Counties:

Elizabeth Hassler 707-445-0893 ext. 321

For Technical Assistance please contact the CMS Waiver & Employment Specialist Manager for your area:

Lake & Mendocino Counties:
Cindy Claus-John 707-462-3832 ext. 224

Humboldt & Del Norte Counties:
Sierra Braggs 707-445-0893 ext. 348

Status: Closed.