Redwood Coast Regional Center Notice of Privacy Incident

On June 14, 2023, Redwood Coast Regional Center learned that our encryption for our mail server failed. Upon discovering the incident, we promptly began an internal investigation to investigate and restore our email encryption software. The investigation determined that the email encryption failed due to a system outage.

As part of the investigation, it was identified that specific information considered to be Public Health Information was shared via email.  The information was limited to client name, uci number, address, date of birth, and/or authorized service information. Please note it did not contain information, such as Social Security number, driver’s license/California Identification, health insurance information, or financial account numbers which could expose you to identity theft.

Nonetheless, we felt it necessary to inform you since your medical information authorized services were involved.

For information about your medical privacy rights, you may visit the website of the California Department of Justice, Privacy Enforcement and Protection at

We regret that this incident occurred and want to assure you we are reviewing and revising our procedures and practices to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Should you need any further information about this incident, please contact Amy Medina Director of Administration at 1-800-281-3832.