California’s regional centers are a network of 21 community-based non-profits, represented by the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA). The regional centers coordinate services for, and advocate on behalf of, nearly 400,000 Californians with developmental disabilities.

The work of ARCA is directed by the guidance of the Board of Directors. Each regional center is represented by a member of their board of directors and the center’s executive director. The Board’s decision-making is also informed by various committees and discipline groups. The committees are primarily – though not exclusively – composed of Board members. The discipline groups are professional peer groups that meet to discuss best and promising practices and shared professional concerns. Concurrently, the Directors Group (regional center executive directors) and Board Delegates Group (regional centers’ board member delegates) work to keep their members informed of issues of particular relevance.

Visit ARCA’s Website, click here to view information such as:

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• Generic Resources

• Supporting Your Employment Journey
• Intake – Lanterman Act Services
• Intake – Early Start Services
• Social Recreation Services
• Understanding the HCBS Final Rule
• Emergency Preparedness – What’s The Plan?
• Self-Determination Program