This March marks the 36th anniversary of the National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This month is an opportunity for us to celebrate people with developmental disabilities and their talents and achievements.  Furthering awareness and acceptance is a key part of our work in partnership with folks and their communities to meet unique needs and understand the vibrant spectrum of people we serve. We build awareness of our next steps in community collaboration as we support people to overcome barriers and follow their dreams.

Here at Redwood Coast Regional Center, we have built awareness and acceptance for almost 40 years. Our Vision Statement, written by clients, RCRC staff and the community, expresses that “It is the vision of Redwood Coast Regional Center that all people in our community, including individuals with developmental disabilities, will live, learn, work, travel, and play in the best, most inclusive environments.

We should take this month to uphold the rights of individuals with disabilities, to celebrate their contributions throughout our communities and the world!

We are proud to partner with our communities.