The Community Services Department takes the lead in recruiting, developing, training, and providing technical assistance to potential and current service providers. Community Services is also responsible for specific special projects, such as the agency newsletter as well as involvement with the regional center’s community placement plan.

Community Resource Managers

Jonathan Padilla, Director
Community Services Department
(707) 445-0893 Ext. 289

Humboldt County

Jessica Moulton
All Services
(707) 445-0893 Ext.323

Del Norte County

Jerry Freitas
All Services
Humboldt and Del Norte: Early Start Services
(707) 464-7488 Ext. 12

Lake & Mendocino Counties

Cindy Claus-John
Residential/Day and Work Services
(707) 462-3832 Ext. 224

Sheila Keys
Mendocino County: Licensed Residential Services, Adult Day Services, Respite, Transportation, Supported Living Services, Independent Living Services, Work/Employment Services, Schools, Recreation and Leisure
Lake and Mendocino Counties: Behavior Support Services, Clinical Services, and Money Management.
All Counties: Self-Determination Program
(707) 462-3832 Ext. 254

Heath Birilli
Lake County: Licensed Residential Services, Adult Day Services, Respite, Transportation, Supported Living, Work/Employment Services, Schools, Recreation and Leisure, Independent Living
Lake and Mendocino Counties: Early Start Services
707-462-3832 Ext. 267

Community Placement Plan

In Fiscal Year 2000/01, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) introduced the Community Placement Plan (CPP). The CPP offered to Regional Centers a balance of supporting individuals to transition from State Developmental Centers (SDC) into local community living arrangements, and assisting persons already living in community settings but at risk of being referred to an SDC for a variety of reasons. This latter portion of the CPP effort is known as “deflection.” These two elements of the Community Placement Plan have become widely known as out-placement and deflection.

The Community Service Department supports the efforts of the Regional Center’s CPP by creating residential, day service, and other services and supports for individuals exiting SDC’s and those at risk of entering one. The Community Services Department accomplishes this through Request for Proposals (RFP’s) that seek applicants to apply for start-up funding given to the Regional Center by DDS.