Redwood Coast Regional Center is one of 21 locally-based nonprofit private corporations that contract with the State of California to develop and coordinate community resources and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Redwood Coast Regional Center serves Californians who reside in Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino Counties.

Realizing Interdependence Success & Empowerment (RISE)

Client Leadership Team

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)

Support for Self-Advocates to Participate in Quality Assurance

Our group is called Realizing Interdependence Success & Empowerment (RISE). We are a group of self-advocates who make decisions about what would help us and other people with developmental disabilities, and who should help us do what we decide. This includes deciding how to spend money for HCBS implementation funds FY 23/24.

We decided to spend most of the money on self-advocacy projects, like peer coaching, workshops led by us, self-advocates participating in the decisions about what makes services good, sharing our experiences through skits, and building community together. Some of this will be through community learning events. We also decided to keep having RISE meetings to make sure that we know how these projects are going and keep learning from each other.
We agree all of the projects we fund need to be accessible to the people who come (and to everyone whenever possible).
We support spending money on any or all of these important things. Many of these projects will require support to accomplish (people will be paid to help us make them happen), and we want to choose who does that, too.

All projects will ensure access, including language translation, physical and/or virtual accessibility and plain language! Elements of project may include all, or parts, of the following:
All interested parties are required to schedule a presentation about their proposed project with the RCRC RISE Client Leadership Team. All presentations scheduled by the deadline (2/9/2024) will be reviewed by a team of RISE Client Leadership evaluators. In the event that more than four (4) presentations are scheduled, additional dates will be decided by the RISE Client Leadership team.


2/9/2024      Submit request to schedule presentation and supporting information (below)

                          via email to

Presentations MUST include the following items:

• Identify what elements of the client-led Quality Assurance project you will be providing
• Identify where project will operate (Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and/or Mendocino Counties).
• Timeline for the project
• Equity and Diversity: A statement outlining the applicant’s plan to serve diverse populations, including, culturally and linguistically diverse populations; examples of the applicant’s commitment to addressing the needs of those diverse populations; and any additional information that the applicant deems relevant to issues of equity and diversity.
• Zero Tolerance Policy for Client Abuse and Neglect: A statement that describes the steps the applicant will take to ensure client safety and to reduce the risk of individuals supported from being abused.

You will be scheduled to present on one of these dates

2/14/2024, 2/21/2024 or 2/28/2024

at 4-6 PM Presentation including Questions & Answer

to RISE Client Leadership Team  (Presentations will be recorded on Zoom)

3/1/2024      RFP Awarded

Before beginning work on the RFP or if there are any questions regarding this RFP, it is strongly
recommended that interested parties contact the Client Advocate for their area:

Lake & Mendocino Counties:  

Alex Bland 707-462-3832 ext. 280 

Humboldt & Del Norte Counties:

Elizabeth Hassler 707-445-0893 ext. 321

For Technical Assistance please contact:  Sierra Braggs, CMS Waiver & Employment Specialist Manager at 707-445-0893 ext. 348 or

If a proposal for support for self-advocate participation in Quality Assurance is selected, the applicant will be required to enter into contract with RCRC.
All applicants awarded funds for a project will be required to report monthly to RISE Client Leadership Team progress on the project development.
RCRC reserves the right to withdraw this Request for Proposals (RFP) at any time without prior notice. Further, RCRC makes no representation that any agreement will be awarded to any applicant responding to this RFP. RCRC reserves the right to reject the proposal of any respondent who, in the opinion of RCRC, is not responsible or has previously failed to perform properly, or is not in a position to operate within the service design.